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Growing a brand or community community and achieving high levels of engagement with your audience is much, MUCH harder on a Facebook Page than other forms of social medical: Twitter, Instagram, or blogs. A lot of people ask for advice on how to grow their respective Facebook pages, either initially or when the page stalls and the likes stop coming in.

Hopefully this brief post will highlight a few things that we might be absent in the daily operation of your page. Of course with anything you will get results based on your effort and your particular mileage may vary. Take a look at each of these points and consider how you are applying them to your own pages:

Have a clear goal for your page.

​For example think: am I trying to generate traffic from my Facebook Page to my website / blog, or are you using the page as a hub / final destination for you or your brand?

List your objectives somewhere; anywhere.

Do you have a CLEAR objective of what you want your fans/likes to get out of the experience of coming to see you out of the millions of other Facebook pages? What do you want them to walk away with?

Deploy Facebook assets across the web.

Facebook has a ton of different tools that integrate with other platforms such as a blog (or any kind of website). VisitFacebook Badgesfor these including the Like button, Like Box, and even Facebook Comments or Login buttons.Now the user doesn’t necessarily need to go directly to your Facebook Page to give you that precious Like.

Do not buy likes. Ever.

This will hurt you in the long run. Sure your numbers will look incredible but your page engagement will be dead. Only 1-10% of those who like and engage with your page will see posts from it. When buying likes you are sharing that 1-10% visibility with the countless number of fake profiles you've just purchased instead of real people who will continue to grow your page/brand

Post engaging content

Post things your audience wants to see regularly. If they can find the same content elsewhere, why would they come to you? Similarly if your page is filled with negative or ego-driven postings, why would people continue to return to your page?

Moderate your page

Use auto-filters and check your post comments (if allowed) regularly. There is nothing more deterring to re-visitng a page than harassing commenters, rude/negative commenters, inappropriate photo comments, and spam (the infamous “I am a wholesale retailer of...”).

Network with others and get yourself visible

Get friendly with other similar (and quality) community pages and build a relationship. This may lead to a share (but don't go in expecting one) to help boost your likes but will also help to forge partnerships for future endeavors. When you do share, share quality pages that have not purchased their likes. You may inherit their fake likes and subsequently hurt your page's engagement.

Limit s4s

Share similar pages periodically (for networking, see 7 above). However it is a slippery slope.  Don't get caught in the s4s loop as many will bug you daily for a share. Your page will rapidly look spammy and people will be more inclined to hit Unlike and not continue to come back. Your goal is to get people to like YOUR page and YOUR content.

Limit asking for shares

Asking for shares is good for networking and cross-promoting but limit the number of times you ask. Pages often don't mind sharing but do not ask daily or even weekly. Nowadays, over 50% of the messages we receive are those asking for shares. Your requests will likely be overlooked and go unanswered.

Network and promote ACROSS platforms and media

Do different things like a blog interview, radio interview, or other networking activity on different platforms, using these to help drive traffic to your page.

At FuriousFotog, we love to support athletes, models, authors and brands that support our photography business. Part of the purchase of a modeling / specific book cover photo shoot package, an image license, or sponsored brand engagement includes sharing on our page. 


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