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A Former Diamond Speaks Out

June 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This is a link, hosted by Author Tyler May, in information and belief to a letter from one of Chance Carter’s *former* “Diamonds.” My opinion is below, because after I read this, I could not stay quiet. After reading it yourself, I bet you won’t be able to as well. 




As a quick refresher, Chance recently had all his overstuffed books removed from Amazon under that pen name and another (Abby Weeks) for violating Terms of Service. His group, Chance’s Diamonds, is/was full of loyal women who had learned to trust him during his daily “love chats” and the endearing personality portrayed online. They even called him their King. 

This personality was quickly shed once he no longer had a need for these women with his income stream gone, leaving them and the group in turmoil and to fend for themselves (even after their North Korea like regime continued to support him within the walls of that group and lash out at any detractors.) 

It is a scary situation but also a very sad one. 
In my opinion, these women were used... a relationship cultivated by him for one purpose: Dollars.

When the source of those dollars evaporated, so did he. 

Nobody should have to be made to feel like that - first raised up on a glowing pillar of light, then dropped from same to the hard floor below.  These readers may never trust another author with their time or money again.  Never hear new stories they were not allowed to read or speak of within that group. Most importantly - at least to me - Mr. Carter’s alleged actions have damaged male authors across a broad spectrum of the industry. That angers me, and want to be sure it’s known not all of us are that way. 

To the former members of his group, if and when you return to Facebook or social media as whole, don’t be afraid to pick up another book. Don’t be afraid to try new genres. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s far better to be yourself in the sun, opposed to withering in another’s shade.


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